Thursday, June 28, 2018

Reflection on GMA

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Reflection on GMA. This is my third GMA and one of my favorites in festivals. First, it's a great gateway to Asia, but also perfect for picking really good people from the west.
Sure there is a bit of translation that can be struggling in some business meetings but that makes up that you always leave with many opportunities. Right now I feel we are close getting things done in the east, many thanks to GMA.

Personal: I wrote yesterday about having the right partner. In there I told a bit about that I sacrifice quite many relationships in my career. I think I would be single if I didn't have found a perfect person.

Okay, Ulrika came from a background in the music industry. She knows what it's all about. She knows that I want to do this, so instead of working against it, she compromises with it. At the same time, she has other goals. In this case, it's the dogs. We have two dogs (yes you can sometimes see them on the pictures in the blog). And as passionate I'm around music she is around dogs. So her career and journey in the dog field have to be met. She won't complain that I'm away on certain days. She has many times gone on family members birthdays alone when I have traveled or touring. At the same time, I have to do the same. I can arrive after being gone a month just to meet her in the door to head out for a week of dog camp and championship. And I have to go to the family things alone. Yes, she is successful with the dogs the Chodsky Pes is a Danish/Swedish champion and the Lagotto Romagnolo is very good on nosework. She is also a judge in some dog sports.

I guess the hardest part is to keep friends that are not in the music business or the dog training. We are never home almost never time to come over to visit our friends, not together at least. At the same time, it's hard to keep the conversation with us. The normal conversation around that you need to cut the grass, how nice it will be to go on vacation abroad, that you stress to get your children to activities is just not in our world. For us it's normal to always be abroad, vacation is one week every year between Christmas and Newyear. If you put a showcase festival or a dog championship there it will be no vacation. Stress is that we have to much fun to rest. Dangerous but very amusing. Still, I feel that many times I just sit on these parties and have nothing in common with anyone. How do you explain that you hanged out with Taiwan's culture minister last week and next week goes to the other side of the world visiting the world's largest festival and try out new deep dish pizza? Or get the joy living in a trailer for a week just to train dogs all the time? We live in our own universe.

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