Thursday, June 7, 2018

Would you catch it or would you let it slip?

If I gave you an opportunity to play your song in front of a couple of million people on television. Guarantee you a gold record in sales or even more and get a decent income on your live shows. Would you say no?

Most will answer hell no I would easily do it. But then if I told you it was in the wrong format. You will be in a boyband/girlband not with what you want to express, yes your songs but not the production you like? Still wanna do it?

I guess many would still say yes, but some will jump off.

Then we add to the twist, if you jump off you will lose your team. You have to start all over again, finding new musicians, producers, bookers, agents you name it. Back to the bottom. Would you still jump off?

I guess many choose to stay, it's not that horrible and you lose more to jump off. You know what? Most actually jumps off. Why? I don't know but every time it becomes quite real not just a dream people start to slip. They start to question everything and want to stop the speeding train that they are on.

I know at least 50 artist careers that have gone to a standstill because of one lousy decision when the train was moving. 50 artists that now can't live out of their music and goes to a sucky 9 to 5 job. Many of them later start to take up the pieces when they are over 40 years old thinking that it's time then and they are better prepared. But it is lost forever, after the standstill you really can't jump on the rail and try with hand power to get the train going again. You just let the opportunity slip.

I most of the time talking about a rocket that just goes into the sky. When you start to say no to opportunities the rocket stops and that is your peak.

So why do they say no? Usually, because they are scared. The dream becomes a reality, sometimes the dream is better as just a dream. Or a vision that has no reality to it. A vision that just jumps from one place to another. One day you are fighting hard on the small stage and then in a magical twist, you are on the big stage playing headliner. That never happens to the ones saying no and stops the rocket. The ones that make it take the chances and keep going forward. There is no "right" decision, no next step. It's all just go on the next opportunity and take as much advantage on it as possible. The rest is just bullshit.

The only time you can choose is when you have several opportunities. But then try to combine them to get the most. Still most of the time there is not two opportunities at the same time.

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