Monday, June 4, 2018

How to find the right person.

Santa Claus must be a popular and very real person among artists! In their questions, they always ask for a person that is magical as Santa.

We need to find the right person! Can you present us to someone?

To be totally clear this person doesn't exist. Sure a person with a good network is needed but even with the best network, they are limited. In reality, not even the biggest boss on the biggest label can guarantee a success. No even money won't help here.

It's down to a network and how the artist could adapt to that network. So it, not one person, rather a hundred. Since they all have their unique skill and their agenda you have to be flexible and patience to get things done.

Unlike Santa, this person can't get you big or take to "the next step" fast. Just the first steps will take six months. And usually, these people asking this question is need of a quick fix.

The right person, right gig, right moment. Is as real as Santa's raindeers and elves. I don't know when we should start to learn the artists it's a chain reaction that propelled them into a momentum.

Another bad side effect of this is that some also change people when they fast realize that the "magic" is not there. First, they think the person is holy when they see through that they start looking again after the next one. In the end, they just get a bad reputation of not be trustworthy.

And here is the right person with a buttplug.

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