Friday, June 22, 2018

What is a showcase festival!

I'm surprised that people don't understand what the purpose of a showcase festival is. I thought it was pretty clear, but with last times conversations, I'm not that sure any longer that people get it. Too many think the show is the most important part.

You are not at a showcase festival to do a show. Actually, the show is very secondary. If you take a showcase just to do a show you will be utterly disappointed. I guess this is the main error people do.

A showcase should be treated like a fair. On a fair, you show off your stuff you are selling. The whole thing is to get people to your stand.

It's the same here. You want different people down to your show. So your primary goal is to network as much as possible beforehand. Seek out the best people you want down to see your show to get your career going.

The best showcases I have done has just been several people. In fact, I did a showcase in Canada with just five people. But the most important five people.

Here is where many go wrong, they think that the more people or excited crowd the better. In reality, it's usually not.

On SXSW this year we did a showcase gig for four people. That gig was more important then all the other eight gigs we did for full houses.

And it was all down to network and get the right person there.

So what you have to do is research before who you want to meet. Then hang on and do your homework and be on the seminars and find even more people you want to see the show. Then try to get them down to your show.

So a normal show a bigger crowd is better. These are the ticket buyers and your potential fans. On a showcase, you want the right people that will get your career going. A showcase can be successful if there is just one person if it is the right person.

Happy Midsummer. Actually, I'm pretty glad to miss the cow bingo. Yes in our corner of the world is the joy to see a cow take a dump.

This Friday is release of Elinda - Dance with me. Check it out on YouTube.

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