Monday, June 11, 2018

You have to go back to the reasons why you do it.

Today I was really fed up on the blog. I feel like I just whine about the same stories and same artist mistakes over and over.

I know I still want to write when things pass me in my daily work. Still, I feel like this could be my last post.

Then I had to go back to why I started the blog. It was to prove to my artist that if you keep up a thing you pick up fans. I mean there are 200 people reading my whining every day. Better than many of my artist's channels.

So what to do? Well, make it interesting again! Change things in the blog! Make new sections! But of all do another sort of marketing and put up a new goal.

In fact, I have never marked the blog. So let's do that! Let's put in new sections. I love to tell the story's from on the road in real life. Here I have to hide them. Here is mainly thoughts. I should tell the stories of the band I work with. I'm lucky to work with such fantastic people. So I will do that! New section tour memories! Not just memories it will be things we are working on and how we do it.
Let's do this and here comes the new blog. Or it will be like it is but with new sections.

And I'm excited again. A more personal blog.

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