Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Are your partner right for your career?

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Is your partner right for your career? I kind of mean question. I have seen many careers though go under because of a partner.
Like I wrote before this is not a 9 to 5 business. Have a "normal" life with time off on weekends to do your hobbies and take the kids to the park won't exist if you do it more then a hobby.

Most of the time it's not the person playing the music that has trouble to see that it is more than a hobby. It's the people around them. It's their friends, partners, and mother in laws etc that creates the demands which lead to the shortcuts that put everything to crash. I have seen shows being canceled of the death of a boyfriends hamster. Or people going crazy for the artist does not show up for the annual family reunion.

It's not easy to have a friendship or a relationship with someone that is gone two third of the year doing their job. You have to have really understanding partners and friends. And that's why people start their thankyou speeches on awards to their parents, relatives, and partners. It's not a cliche its reality. They sacrifice a lot for doing what they are doing.

So you get a partner that does the same? I guess it looks good in theory,  hard in practice. Would you be happy if your partner suddenly got the success your aiming for? Maybe you can, but the successful partner might slow down and want you on the journey? And you might not be talented enough. Yes, we have seen the very talented artist trying to promote their partner's careers. Did anyone really cared about Linda McCartney's career? We would have forgotten Yoko Ono if she didn't marry John Lennon? Many careers have gone under in the pursuit to keep the less talented in the spotlight. Also many have stopped working with an artist that always let their less talented partner come with crappy advice or just want to keep the partner off the career.

I sometimes tell the story of how many relationships I have crashed to be in the position I'm into today. This is not just musicians it's also entrepreneurs and people that want to reach a certain goal.

To have an understanding and forgiving partner is very crucial in this career choice.

Personal: Spent a week now with officials from Primavera Sound, The Great Escape, SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Modern Sky, Sound City, North by North East, C/O Pop, Le Guess Who, GMA, TIMM and some more.

Yes, the biggest showcase festivals in the world. In the same lineup, you got Live at Heart.
Still, the Swedish industry thinks you can do an international showcase if you have a booker that books a lousy gig to pubs in Sweden. And let the conference part be run by ex-people from a major record label with no international experience at all. You have to have experienced people from the international scene to pull it off. I feel many have made a bet on the wrong horse and now have to pay a costly prize.

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