Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Don't take out your winning beforehand.

I see many take out their winning beforehand. It's more like yes this song is a hit so now we are safe. A hit is never a hit until many people start listening to it. And today that seems kind of hard to tell when that is really happening. Until then this hit is just a good song that you are satisfied with. No going taking out the presale and go out and party. Also since it's a good song think that you should no go the extra mile to get it to an audience, in fact when it is a good song you should take that extra mile.

I made an interview with another student essay last Friday. I really like to do these essay questions. You get time to talk about a subject that they have chosen. I guess if they then later transcript the whole thing you can find me contradict my self a hundred times. I'm always afraid that I just go out too far from the subject and it all just comes down to nothing.

This Friday we released Adées - If You Jump. A really nice song. And then we released The Parade. The funny thing with The Parade that contains almost the same members like the old band Jeremiah, so it's like going back and work with them again. Okay, it's more of a hobby project, still, they do great music.

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