Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don't overthink things.

Stop lying in bed and think of small details that you think could change things. Yes, we always talk about details that make things better. In reality, it doesn't matter. It's the big picture that matters.

If your song is not up for the task it's not. No perfect press release or great album cover will change that. And a great song can be released on a wrong day with the wrong picture and still make it. Yes, the small details can make the process shorter. So yes you should do them but not hang up on them.

So stop worrying. What happens will happen. In most cases, this worrying won't do any good.

Also, don't build a rock-solid plan in your head. I quite many times get artist angry with after the first momentum change their rock-solid plan. A lot is to have things ready to throw in, not have them executed on a certain date.

Be open to changes. No plan that was a success in the music industry was solid from the beginning. It's mainly to follow what happens and be fast and ready to gain the opportunities.

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