Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Why not just try?

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Why not just try? Be open and try new things? Even The Beatles tried new things all the time was part of their success. Now people follow what they did. And these things seem obvious today, but people mocked them back then.
So try to be a leader instead of a follower. Try to do things first. Try something different.
I'm so tired to hear the phrase, Is this the right thing for us.
The line should not be said when an opportunity arises. Check the opportunity out and try to make it work. If not well at least you tried.

Personal: I just avoided a disaster on the export side again in Sweden. I meet an international person that showed an interesting project that involved Sweden. And as so many times before they contacted some hobby record person that hasn't done anything outside Stockholm. Of course, sending hopeless acts for no reason to this event.
I'm really tired to see so many amateur people in Sweden trying this shit. After explaining what can be done for the project and how they understood how they have been fooled by some Swedish officials that we really should switch out. I'm really tired to clean up after these bozos.

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