Thursday, June 21, 2018

What risk have you taken lately?

There is always a risk to make a deal. Sometimes when you work with artists you can feel how they try so hard to minimize the risk it's not worth proceed working with them.

A couple of years ago I was in negotiations with an artist that was afraid of everything. The contract was scrutinized in every little detail. Nothing wrong with that, it's just you don't want to do it three times and still get the same skeptical questions.
In the end, the artist thought that we could work on a six month trial period and then we could decide.
Not a good move. The artist would be the same skeptical then and just keep another six months. And six months is to short to prove anything and I see a lot of trouble working for free in six months and introduce the artist in networks and don't have any safe things.
In the end, we dropped the deal. The artist is still in the thinking that we negotiate but the lack of risk-taking just said that we really couldn't get anywhere.
So in all, you must be willing to take some risk to get somewhere.

Just been on the opening VIP party at GMA. Meeting great people as usual. I feel this round will be very productive. I'm getting good feedback on the ideas I have. I like it also when the conference is of good size. Many tend to be too big, this is very good in size. Also, that Live at Heart is presented in the same speak as SXSW, the great escape, Reeperbahn, Co/Pop and Primavera sound. We are all here.

I hope I have the time to do a cool surprise for my artists this summer. Time is short but I hope to get it right.

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