Friday, June 29, 2018

Trust your advicer!

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Trust the people you work with or stop working with them. Many times I meet people in the music industry telling the same thing. Artists seek out their advice but then just go in and try to question the advice.

In some cases is just the advice should be what the artist wants to hear. In others, it just seems the artist wants to get even by going against the advice you just gave.

In the end, you just feel frustrated. Much would be more simple if you just trusted the persons you work with.

PERSONAL: since we are in the thing about right partner and the career choice. I get more here.

I wrote we live in our own universe we have created. It sounds amazing?
When I write this it's my birthday. I'm 10 000 meters in the air flying from Taiwan to The Netherlands. The good part is that the stewardess offered me a glass of free champagne since it's my birthday. Still, I celebrate my birthday on a fricking airplane. I woke up alone this morning. No singing, no cake, no presents. Actually not even a party to look forward to. Even the time in Sweden was so early that the usual people saying happy birthday hadn't got up. I just skipped breakfast to sleep until noon.
Since there will be no presents I went by myself to the electronic Plaza in Taiwan to buy some stuff in the office and might find some cool present to myself. I found a puking elephant in a vending machine. Best birthday gift I ever got.
I went back checked out of my hotel room. Then I found some of the new people I meet at this conference, they were going out to eat so I joined them. Here I have already forgotten it's my birthday. Great food, great people that I have just known for 48 hours.
Then it was time to go to the airport. The organizer of the conference knew it was my birthday. So they had bought a present, also the whole staff sang for me before we left in the cab to the airport.

I know that I will not get a party. After Facebook have gossip that it is my birthday people forget about it. I guess without Facebook 95% wouldn't have a clue that it is my birthday. If I'm lucky Ulrika remembers to buy a present, to get to me when I get home, but I'm not sure she has time to do it. It's quite many training camps right now with the dogs.

I'm I sad about it? No, its a choice! I could have a normal 9 to 5 job and we could have had a really big barbecue with my friends today. I would have been home, got presents and cake.
Then I would have been forced to take off the other stuff. I wouldn't be to Taiwan getting new friends meeting amazing people. Feeling proud of the great performance The Magnettes did. Go on the red carpet in front of 3.1 billion viewers. Exploring new exotic food. I choose to live my life to the fullest every day. With that means that some special days can't be that special. But I don't want to change, just accept that I can't get it both.

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