Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The musical Nigerian scam letters. Part 1

This e-mail came to The Magnettes. They get a lot of these and to sort out the frauds from the real ones they send all stuff like this to me to take a look at. Her I will guide you have to check if this is real or not real. I go in with comments in blue.

Hello Magnettes!

My name is ********** and I’m an A&R and Artist Manger.
*** Well it’s hard to be both. Okey I’am both, but never on the same time. I would not be a manager and use my A&R work to sign a band, it’s not ethical.

I found your music while scouting the Internet for new artists.
*** This actually happens, some of my biggest deals came through people find artist on different sites.

My management firm, ******* , selects and develops a few new singers and songwriters globally each year.
*** Here they already try to feel special. They only take in a few. Well if they were good enough they don’t need to scout the internet. The good ones get approached. Or they charge you so most people won’t go with it.

Currently we are looking to add one or two artists to our roster.

My professional team, who has been behind big industry household names such as Sia, Celine D, Pink, Coldplay and many more, includes Top 40 songwriters, Grammy nominated producers, A&R folks, Billboard promoters, managers/ PR representatives etc...
*** Here you can easy see that it’s fake. Sia and Coldplay won’t have the same setup. Coldplay is from UK and Sia is a songwriter from USA. And in this case Pink was done by some friends of mine and this person was not in there. I actually mailed and asked them about it and none of the team members knew this person. If it is real usually they say the same names from one company. Like Mute had Depeche Mode and Fad Gaget. Then yes but here is so spread out it’s not credible. Of course they can have worked with all of these as song coaches, merch salesmen, humpers whatever. But not likely to be a significant player in all these artist career.

We are located in New York City, but are also completely set up to work long distance.
We specialize in managing singers/writers and Emerging Producers from outside NY state and USA country lines. Giving them the same accessibility as NY local talent and helping them make beautiful career records, collaborate with hit songwriters, and find opportunities through our MGMT team. We also sponsor artist Visas (for the committed artist).
*** The Magnettes is a pop group. I guess she hasn’t checked so good after all. Sponsor artist with Visa, well they would be petitioner witch cost them almost nothing. And if you want to be on the ground for music, NYC is not the place everything has moved to Los Angles.

There is nothing we can’t do with for you, no matter what your genre is or what you want to accomplish.
*** Of course you can, it probably has a price tag too.

The drive to sing or make music is so much more crucial to us than the experience/track record.
*** Read , how large is your wallet.

You can look us up in much more detail about at *****homepage********

If you feel you are ready for something like this, we would like to learn a bit more about your goals and any recent musical developments (if you have them.)
*** Hmm if you really read about The Magnettes you would easy find that they played on the biggest festivals in the world. They are signed to Digsin in USA. Clearly they just send this out to all artist they can find on a page like Soundcloud.

Looking forward to hearing back!

Here’s to a great 2017.


Already here I can tell this is a fraud. To many things is not adding up. Still I find it annoying that people are preying on young kids that have a dream. I checked out the homepage of this. And there you find out that this person knows people that have on low level worked with Sia, Celine D, Pink, Coldplay. One is a manger that is really shady and prey on young artist in the same way as this person.

Then I did one thing that maybe an artist has hard time to do. I have a large network on Linked in. If this person is even half as connected as me they will show up with some mutual friends. Even artists that are pretty unknown shows up with mutual friends on my Linked in.

She only get on as a 3:d contact and that is on a really shady guy that I really don’t even count to the music industry. That’s it. She doesn’t have any bigger network or knowledge.

Still I want to know what the price tag is. Because this has a price tag. So I answered it….It will come more surprises and stuff I promise.

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