Friday, February 17, 2017

There is no walls!

I just saw an education program flash  that you would meet industry people in thier program.. This myth is still here? Yes you probably have read about Madonna who used gaffa to stick her demo to the windshield on the A&R:s car. And yes back in the 80:s there was hard to reach these people. They employed people in the reception who only job was to say no. Today they are all out there. You reach them on facebook, linkedin, twitter, e-mail and even telephone. It’s really no wall to protect them now.

Of course when you reach them you have to have a good message. There is no point contact the CEO of Universal with a new artist. It’s not that persons job go to the A&R recruit. And when you are there, have what they are seeking for.

Most of the times when I not answering is because the question is put in the wrong way. You try to sell me an artist that you can easy see that is not ready yet.

And the opportunity’s to meet industry people has never been greater. There is a showcase festival, industry convent every week around the globe. Of course you have to buy a ticket and spend some money but you will find interesting people all the time. It’s really not that hard.

Actually the educations programs are not really optimal for networking. So paying money for that is waste. If you need to learn rules and other stuff they are ok. But networking, spend the money somewhere else.

And know what you want to talk about when you meet these people, I never seen any education teach that out so that just have to be a lession to be learned in real life.

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