Monday, February 27, 2017

Don’t promise to much

I got a demo the other day telling me quite much how I could get a number one hit.


(I already have one published so far)

Many music colleagues and also normal listeners has told me this song is something they never heard before. Unique. Many like the lyrics.

The song appears on an album that many haven’t heard. 

It can easy be redone to make a number one in Sweden.

Listen to the song ; 

This is too much promises that this person can’t keep. So this I write before I have listened to the song. For this to be a future classic I need to have a substantial big pile of PR money. And to have that I need an artist. So just publish the song won’t change anything. I wonder if this person meaning that he has one song published or has written a song that really are a classic. I would guess the first part. Still that you have published a song doesn’t prove a jack shit.

So you have already played it around. Good for you. Still you probably should change your listeners ground (in these cases is usually their mother or some co-worked that after a hour of nagging just tell them that the song is good to get them to shut up). That a song is that unique is not realistic. It’s so rare that I won’t believe in it.

The song is already given out. Okay if this song was so unique, then it would have hit the charts when it was given out? I mean in the way you describe it, it’s so good that you can’t lose with it. And here you just tell me that someone just lost with it.

If take a classic hit you can actually redo the song in any shape or form and it usually works very well. Since it is a good song from the beginning. Already here it doesn’t look good. This person has promised to much. He has upgraded this song to big so my anticipation is over the roof.

Well not really. This letter would usually just be deleted in many companies. You can see on the text that the person doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. So even if the song would be a classic hit, you really don’t want to handle people with that megalomaniac style. I would love to have a system where I could get back the time  if I didn’t like the song. I know there is firms where I get paid for it. No I really want my time back. But here we go…I will listen to this future classic.

One minute later.

The future doesn’t look bright if this is a future classic. I could cope around a minute. Sounds like a really bad Swedish folk song. The lyrics are as deep as a puddle. And this puddle was filled with water drenched poo. Ohh I wish I could have my minute back.

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