Friday, February 10, 2017

Next phase is much harder

It is Eurovision song contest in Sweden again tomorrow. Last weekend they had a Youtube phenomenon as one of the contenders. Millions of fans on YouTube. Still couldn’t win, get just on a 3 third place. This is the new thing. We look too much on the figures. Those millions of streams on Spotify (or YouTube) don’t mean a shit when you play live. Still many thinks that the figures should be a way to figure out next band to book or to sign.

Yes we are going into the next phase! An artist has now suddenly have to control several different fields. Live is one field. Bigger news outlet is one field. Streaming and online is another field. And these fields don’t even have proper PR tools yet. It’s going to be really though to get an artist in the level to make money. One field in particular will only pay peanuts.

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