Monday, February 6, 2017

The musical Nigerian scam letters. Part 3

Read my posts from 1 of  Feb and 3 of Feb to get the whole story about this fraud. Short is that a manager / A&R contacted The Magnettes with an offer to help them out with anything. It was like a Nigerian scam letter. So I answered just to show how you look through a thing like this.

Here is the answer, my comments is in blue. This letter came pretty fast after we answered a couple of hours. It doesn’t come from the address the first one was sent from. The first one is froma info@**company name***.com  this comes from ***her name***@**company name***.com  and on CC is a Kevin.

Hi Peter,

Just a sidenote, in addition to other communication coming your way,
We can help with a billboard charts for sure.
*** Interesting part is that I didn’t get any other communication. But I can easy see that the first letter is something they send out to many artists at once. And if someone is responding she takes over on her personal address. But here she was a bit to fast. Same time, the quote of the Billboard is just a longterm goal. Mainly we sork to get a big audience.

We developed an artist from scratch, who just had a number one breakout single.
We had several billboard hits last year. Dance charts is what needs targeting first.
*** Of course she has read my e-mail otherwise she wouldn’t have my e-mail. It’s true that one of her artist has a billboard top ten last year. BUT it has nothing to do with her. This was a Norwegian artist that picked up a singer for his single (just like Avicii use different singers to different songs). Still this was chosen by the Norwegian team and not this manager. Afterwards the artist got signed to a big American label, which is understandable with that success. Still has nothing to do with her. If you check all her other artists they don’t go over 10 000 streams in most of the cases. I would be fun to have a chat with this artist that she is bragging about. See if he even mention her doing something.  So these several Billboard hits, it’s the same artists and it’s remixes of that famous song. The thing she is not able to recreate this success in that way.
And Dance charts, this is The Magnettes, they are a pop group. Targeting the dance charts is probably not even smart.

You need good funding though. Do you have funding?
*** And here it comes. You need money. And of course with unlimited cash you can break anything. Then you hire people doing the stuff and cut a piece for yourself. The problem is that kind of money doesn’t really exists. It has been done with Taylor Swift but that is something done by a parent, not a manager. And if I had that money why don’t go direct to the source and hire these people. It’s mainly PR people and recording people. Whit that kind of money I can go to Max Martin nad get a special written song by him, it’s just a price.

Billboard isn't cheap. We have a 97 percent succesrate with charting to billboard.
*** Well if you look ion her homepage and the artists there, except for one they have not been on Billboard.

We need the prep time, the funds, but it's pretty much a done deal.
*** She is going direct against the money

Anyways, I'd love to see you in consult, as kevin reached out to you for with an email
Composed by me.  And we can discuss all details and I can tell you how you
Can reach all of that, let you in on internal secrets and politics etc... And support you in any way I can.
*** She is just plain stupid. Of course I’m not new to the buissness . And since I check her Linked in (see post part 2). I can easy see she is not THAT connected. In fact she is just a middelman. Of course with a huge sum of money she can go around and get people. And that could easily been seen in the bio. And I signed with my name, if she just checked that out she would find out that I spoken on all of the worlds big confernances about the music industry. She don't do her homework.

Sent from my iPad
*** See that she is in desperate need of money since she answer direct from her Ipad only talking about the money. Nothing that they reelase anew single, nothing about their record label, nothing about co-writes, just money.

So who is this person? Well I did my research. She is not even from USA. She is from Europe. Tried to make her own career as an artists. Failed after doing the general error number one. Got signed to major label in a small European country. That is never leading anywhere. The only claim to fame is that an Italian radio station played her song. Probably got dropt after one single.

Moved to USA and released some singles of her own. The interesting part is that nothing of this is on Spotify even though it was released from 2009 until 2014. I guess that is because it was done in an amateurish way. It also shows that she has not knowledge about Spotify and the new streaming ways.

So she moved to USA a couple a years ago. Her songs really sucks. She is not a good songwriter. So to make money she now preys on other young artist to get their money to support her non existing career. The homepage is full of pictures of her standing next to old duded that did a hit song 20 years or more ago. She plays on that it is  just a person that does your career. If you read my blog post “What is success”

You see that it is a team not a person who is doing things.

Most fun part. Whay hasn't she got on to The Billboard chart if she know how it's done wuith her own singles?

So what kind of money is she talking about? And what is her first move? I answered this mail as well. Stay tuned for the rest.

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