Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You can’t do things wrong!

Whatever I write in the blog you can’t do things wrong. Okey they are easier ways and yes you might not spend money on things that leads to nowhere. But you know what; if you do the world won’t go under. Everything is fixable, it’s not life and death, this is fun music.

Actually one of the bigger problems is doing nothing. I get more and more people relay terrified to release something. They might steal my copyright. Maybe I don’t get the best deal. Is this really the best way?

You will make errors. And in many cases you really can’t get the best deal or things because you are not there in your carrer yet.

Okey so you sing a shitty deal and they take control over your song. What the hell, write a new better one. The only mistake you can’t do is that you give that one away as well. If you don’t learn from your mistakes well then you are in deep shit.

But most learn, and they actually do things fine as long they do somethings. So the two death rules are, not do anything, do the same mistakes all over again. Part of that everything is fixable.

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