Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keep one project.

You see it too often. Artists that has a band, but put everything before that band, usually other projects. One thing I’m usually very suspicious by taking in us artist that has other careers. You ask them the question what is priority number one, and it’s always the band.

Still so many times you see them post more in social media about their other jobs. The other jobs can be that they are touring musicians with other bands, dancer or actors. But even just a plain job as teacher or their hobby.

You work yourself to death to release their single, video,  album whatever still when you ask what they do it’s mainly, well I have so much to do with my other work. Then you really know they are only releasing for a hobby. Someone that is interesting in something goes back to it all the time.

It’s like my pinball. I love my pinball and I really would like to have more pinball games. But to be honest if the pinball crash and I have to fix it. It can stand still quite a long time before I take me sorry ass to solder that error in the game. Yes it’s fun but not my priority.

I guess around 90% of the artist is not in that priority zone.  But it’s hard to see who is really dedicated until you have worked with them for a while. Usually it’s the bands that you don’t hear so much from. They are more waiting that you should call and tell all the hard work you have put down, so they can say no to 50% of it since they don’t have the time.

In Metallica they forbid their members to have side projects. Queen survived on that all members had side projects. I don’t know what is right. You lose interest of something if they don’t get back with their part of the work.

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