Friday, February 3, 2017

The musical Nigerian scam letters. Part 2

Read my first post 1 of February about the start of this letter. It’s a preying shark that try to lure young artists. I answered back on the e-mail The Magnettes got, but from my e-mail, my comments are in blue.

Hello ******

Thank you for looking into The Magnettes.

We are looking for different opportunity’s for the moment, the goal is to get on the Billboard chart top 10 one day. The band will release a record in March done by Christian Cummings (Icona Pop, Florence and The machine, Tiesto, Cage The Elephant).
New single Sad Girls Club comes 20 of January get a prelistening here
*****secret link ********
****If you want to hear the song I linked it’s released now you find it here

The other part is that the band writes for different other artists and with other writers. They are going to NYC in February to write songs. We hope to add on more writing sessions while in USA in February.
**** Here I give a hint that, yes we are already quite connected, but can you offer something.

They will do a USA/Canada tour in June/July, UK/Ireland tour May, And we try to add things around that.
**** This is also something that a normal new band don’t have several tours in different countries.

Here is a kind of extended bio what has been done.

The Magnettes release new single “Sad Girls Club” 20 of January 2017. The fourth single from the upcoming album “Ugly Youth” that will be released 31 of March.
  -  The Sad Girls Club is not something we invented. It’s a movement that we’re part of. It’s the idea of a sanctuary for whatever reason, that treats you as the person you want to be, where you’re allowed to be sad, different or plain hostile. To counter-react to a world that tells you to smile when everything systematically sucks. This is our party and we’ll cry if we want to. Tells Rebecka Digervall from The Magnettes.

The Magnettes started when Rebecka and Sanna met at six-years-old in their hometown of Pajala (very far north in Sweden close to Finland and Russia). By the age of 14, Rebecka had written a plethora of song for them as a duo. In 2012, they released their first official tune “Paper Cut” and performed across Europe and Russia.

2014 The Magnettes got Tomas Bäcklund Thuneström as the member that plays all electronica and drums. They also started to put in their minority language “Meänkieli” into their songs. They went to USA for the first time and played on New Music Seminar in NYC. Back in Sweden The Magnettes also appear as the main subjects in Hans-Erik Therus’s documentary ”Pajala State Of Mind”, featured at the Gothenburg Film Festival, the Tempo Documentary Festival Stockholm  and has been broadcasted on Swedish national television.

Spring 2015 They went back to USA to perform at SXSW the world’s biggest showcase festival. They ended the whole festival with the last gig on legendary Stubb’s The SXSW got them booked to The Great Escape in Brighton, UK just a month after the USA trip.

They returned to USA in autumn of 2015. Before that they played Live at Heart in Sweden. Then to Barcelona to play on Future Music Forum and head to two shows in London. The USA tour took them to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco and the tour ended in NYC and shows on the showcase festival CMJ.

During CMJ it went official that the band signed with the American record label Digsin and the first release was ”Bones” on their new label.

2016 They played on Where’s the music in Sweden and BY:Larm in Norway and went as opening act for Ida Gard “Womb tour” in Denmark They released the new single ”Killers in a Ghost Town”.
In May 2016 they went for their fourth trip to North America, this time to play on Canadian Music Week in Toronto and in Nashville. Over the summer they played several Pride festivals in Sweden and hooked the Swedish gay community by storm.

Autumn 2016 They went back for playing on the festival Youbloom in Los Angeles and record new songs at FTO studio in NYC. They also released their third single “Hollywood” with a video recorded in Hollywood by Michael Frost.

Drowned in Sound: One of five of our favorite discoveries on The Great Escape
Essentially pop: The Magnettes rock our very “Bones” with new single.
The 405: Killers In a Ghost Town,' is a black-hearted love song and call to arms for every bored teenage girl who's outgrown her small town's offerings.

EPK video
Killers in a Ghost Town
Live on Stockholm Pride
Club gig in Sweden

Peter Astedt
The Magnettes

*** The rest is also kind of open. You see that they played SXSW, The Great Escape, Candian Music Week and are signed to a record label. And some nice quotes from big bloggers. Of course you need to understand here that this band is signed and someone is working with it that has some kind of network. Working with Christian also means we have really professional team for recording. So I sent it back to the Shark. Hang on to see what the answer was.

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