Monday, February 13, 2017

Work with your next single before your next single.

Yes before you release your next “this gonna be my next hit” you actually need to have a demo on the single after that hit, and that should be better than the first one.

Often the team wants to be sure that you are capable to come up with something better when they promote the latest. It’s a myth that the artist locks them self in a cabin and records new stuff and just comes up to the office and present it and its perfect.

Most time that has happened to me it had failed so miserably. They have been lost in the process and all things that go around in the industry. Things that affect the PR work and the way this actually could be a hit.

So most of the times I ask the artists to have songs ready before a release. And this is the process in most industries. When cars release one model they are close to the next one. When Disney releases one movie they are almost finished with the next one. But so many times before we thinks we are special in the music industry, but we are not. And of course when I work with the bigger teams internationally it’s totally normal. I just hear a Swedish artist that only released 2 singles has written 100 new songs so the team has a lot of to choose from.

This is also the reason why many artists fail direct after theri first album. That album has taken years to create and when it’s out, well there is nothing new and they think they have the time to create album two that should be ready in a couple of months.

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