Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The musical Nigerian scam letters part 4

Read my posts from 1,3 and 6 of Feb to get the whole story about this fraud. Short is that a manager / A&R contacted The Magnettes with an offer to help them out with anything. It was like a  Nigerian scam letter. So I answered just to show how you look through a thing like this. Now we are one answer in and she gotten direct to the money. So I answer, as usual my blogg comments are in blue.

Hello *******

Good to hear. We have founding, we have the Swedish government founding the project and two sponsorships with two well established beverage companies.
*** Witch is true that we have. But we would never get out money to spend on a Nigerian music scam.

Yes Billboard is not cheap, but we need to have a goal. Also we need some Spotify playlist placements.
**** Here I add another important feature. Spotify, it’s a must. And I know she doesn’t have the knowledge about it, so I added it to see if she mention it or just goes on with the money.



And here is the answer:

Perfect. You seem perfect for us then.
Kevin. did you send him my email with some more info about the one -on one?
*** No I never got an e-mail more from Kevin.Poor intern sitting whole day sending fake mails to people.

Peter, I always get artists started with an intensive one on one.
We go over all your goals and how to achieve them, current state of the industry,
Politics. And make a sold strategy. Takes me about 1.5 hours.
(Cost is 425$) You'll walk out with a very good sense of where all your possibilities lie.
*** This is a overprice. We actually sell this thing on Musichelp , but of course we never go out and flatter artist and then ask for money. On our end is that if someone wants to consult us we charge 80 dollars for 3 hours and a plan. And there is many serious companies doing this like Cyber PR.
Second go over my goals? We have told you our goals like Getting on playlists on Spotify, getting and audience, touring releasing a single and getting on Billboard. Well the only thing you got a hold on was Billboard and money.
Also she would see that on the artist career that it has been people involved already that has taken these discussions several times. We don’t need to pay to do it again. And that should be quite clear in the biography we sent.

This session is the foundation of my relationship with any long term artist.
It also allows me to gauge if you have what it takes (mindset has a lot to do with it)
since I have to be picky about every act I spend time with.
*** As a Nigerian scam letter she direct wants to see if you are willing to spend money. She doesn’t commit to anything. She will tell you the goals you already know. She also plays on that she is picky. Well picky with the ones who pays. Here should it be that you are pick who you buy information from.

As u know I take on new artists VERY
But, I just say have a really good feeling about it.
Not sure if you received the email from kevin.
But confirm with me you want it and I'll have office grt you in ASap.
*** No I never got an e-mail from Kevin. Here she also play out the card that The Magnettes is special. And if they have the real mindset they pay the money. The problem is that if you have that kind of mindset, well you don’t have the right mindset. If you are going to survive in the business you need to have the facts yourself, not form some people that just want to charge you for nothing.

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*** Well this one I can’t answer on. She will only go back that we should pay for her services, and if we don’t we are not serious enough. I have seen many of these people over the years. Some have things really to add. So part of it can be true. At the same time they never break any artists what so ever. The artists they hang on to as claim to fame usually left them and got another way and got successful. 
If you should pay money you should seek out for yourself and find the opportunity to pay for. Today it’s actually hard to get a PR firm even if you can pay for their services so even if you paid a shark like this they won’t get that firm anyway. It’s all about the story you bring to the table. That story you build yourself, that can’t be bought.

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