Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Old people and labels.

I just got a message from an older person in the industry. A tip off seeing a band that plays in Stockholm next week. The whole message end though with that the band is signed to a label like asign of proof that they are good.. Yes the label was something to recon with in the 80:s. Now they are just a shadow of a powerhouse. In fact most artist does a better job themselves then being on this label. And looking on the numbers anyone does a better job and this. I just feel sorry for the artist

But that is usually what I look for when I pick the team around an artist. People that talks about finding other people to do the job, or worse just talk like the job is done when you are signed to a record label. Then they are not for me. I’m looking for people that actually talks about that they can do something concrete for the artist.

It’s frustrating to have these older industry people around. Since they give artist a hell of lot of false information. They are so disillusioned about the record deal like a 5 year old and Santa Clause. Yes it is like annoying that you would have a friend that is 50 years old and for real believe in Santa. First it might be cute, second you really start to worry about their mental health.

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