Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You must get the music right.

I usually write that it’s more than just the music. That said, only works if the music is really good. Because you are up against millions of people doing music. If the music is not up to that standard, well it doesn’t matter if you do all the other things right.  These things only works if the foundation of the structure is correct.

I just saw one of these things. A band sent me an invitation to a festival I’m visiting to see their show. Very nice letter, okey you can easy see that they send it to every one of the industry people for the festival. Still that is okey (even though it was kind of odd writing to work with us since we only work internationally and the band sings in Swedish).

All the links was there, their homepage look awesome. They have released 3 albums in their existing five years. Has done some interesting shows on a lower level.

So they have done all the other stuff right but when it comes to the music the homework was not done. And then all the other stuff won’t matter. Over 5 years and 3 albums they had 29 followers on Spotify.  About 2000 listening and 56 followers. That says it all, the music sucks. Over that time you have to think about that maybe the error is somewhere in the music.

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