Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What is Musichelp?

This question I get almost every day. And it is kind of hard to explain. I guess we are a artist development company. What does an artist use Musichelp for? Most artists seek the traditional outlets like Record Label, Publisher, manger.  I guess you can say we are all above but also develop the team. Yes we know it’s kind of strange, but that is also the reality of the new music industry. Today alone a Record label usually can’t do that much, same with a publisher or just a manger. It’s when the whole infrastructure around the artist is formed things happens. I guess we are a good company to create that infrastructure.

I guess when you look on our recap movies you can see how we are adding artists and follow them along. First they just get one mention until two years later they take up the whole episode. Some quit as well and some just flashes by.

Look on the movies from 2013 and to 2016 you will notice how we build up Adée and The Magnettes for example.

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