Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It’s different working with your dream then living your dream.

So many times when I go around in the music business, as same as the film industry you bump into them quite regularly. People that work their dream not living it. What I mean with that are the people that chose something with the dream to be close to it. For example I want to be a musician, but to make a living I start to work in the reception of a studio.

Usually the excuse is that you will get the network and your chance working in that studio. And yes if you really have something it can work. Jon Bon Jovi work as a cleaner in Electric Lady and got free time recording when the studio was empty. So they got really good demos. I don’t know if that would be an option today. Today it would be better saving up to buy a computer and hire some microphones.

And usually the record labels are full of people with old artist dreams, or was a smaller artists for a while. The renting companies for movie making is full of people wanted to be directors or actors.

I guess so find the new path more exciting and change their dream. The trouble is when you still want that other position but is locked in your “day” job even though it is in the industry.

Usually these people that are locked are not doing their job that good. Their minds are somewhere else. And some places are worse to pick up these people that never really made it. Usually government run operations or huge service stations for like a PRO or an archive in some way.

So don’t take a job just to be close to your dream. Take a shit job instead so you become motivated to really pursue your real dream. But be sure that it is really your full dream.

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