Monday, January 16, 2017

Desperate people?

I see more and more hopeless cases getting bigger and bigger names behind them. Usually when this happens it’s a thing that the industry is going very badly. Last time I saw it was 2006. And yes this goes in cycles and it should be around this now.

Why hopeless I say. Well if a bigger producer chooses to write with a artist that last did something bigger was in 1992 and after that just are something that are a novelty. Then you just know that it’s hard to get in jobs and that this producer needs the money. There is no chance that a one hit wonder from 1992 that is 48 years old would break on a big scale. There is just no way.

Of course these are around all the time and try to get some attention, but usually these producers and PR people can take them choose them off since they have more work and more interesting work. So when you see things like this happens well then you know, the bigger names has not as many missions as they claim to have.

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