Monday, January 30, 2017

Have you thought your plan through?

Good songs are not everything. I would put in that mindset is more important than the songs. In all ways you can always buy a song from a talented songwriter, but you can never buy a mindset. People sometimes try to buy mindsets. You get approached by people that are willing to pay you money to do all the things so that person can have a career.

In theory it might actually work, but practical it’s really hard. I would say impossible. You have to have goals all along both long ones and short ones. And you have to live the lifestyle.

Same thing I would love to open a restaurant. I love to cook food and see stupid food shows on TV, experiment with different flavors. And I got some skill on it, many people praises the food that I serve.

And they sometimes say: You should open up a restaurant.

In a way yes, I like cooking. But I have been an entrepreneur so long that I also know the back of it. To have a restaurant you have to get there early every day and actually cook the same menu all the time. Sure it's fun to create the menu. But it will be there for at least a year. Then you have opened for at least to 10 pm and after that is cleaning and stuff. Sure if I had a really deep passion for food. I would probably do it. Now I have a deep interest into it.

Also to have a restaurant you have to calculate that you will work like that for at least eight years until you can have a proper vacation. You will be stuck to that kitchen. The question would be: I’m I ready for that?

In my case no way! And that is the reason why I don’t open it up. I guess many should think the same when trying to be a professional artist. Imagine the backside of the whole thing even though some one says you sing beautiful.

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