Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monkey business and Ad:s

One funny thing with the blog is that we have ad:s. I actually put on the ad:s just to see how it works and what comes up. And I only had the regular restrictions.  Sometimes I just want to turn them off. Some of the ad:s that is on there are actually the things I’m writing bad about.

For a while there was a distribution company that REALLY sucks had ad:s on the site. I was thinking to just write something bad about them and see what happens. Never had time to do it.

Then it was some ad:s about meeting girls from Russia. I don’t know really how that got there. If it’s on my surfing pattern, well that would end up ad:s about obscure music sites because that is what I’m usually surfs around on.

Then today it was a new one, Media Monkey. What is this? I clicked on it (ohhh 000,1 dollar to me). It’s a program that catalogues your media files. What year is this? Who has downloaded files on hard drive? Okey yes I have, but that is files that we use to send to the systems so the audience can STREAM them.  

Then the program can add stuff to the files in form of metadata from the worst places like All Music. Then it can sync to the Ipod. I just had forgotten that Ipod existed. This is like 2004 is calling and want their program back. Sure it has been around since 2001. But who needs this now?

Someone is paying ad:s for a software that is outdated six years ago. Amazing!

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