Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Where are the people that can do something?

There are two types of people. The old ones that was very common in USA. They are mainly talking about how they know people that can do things for you. They mainly just namedrop different people who have worked with big names. But like I explain acouple of days ago, it’s usually a team doing things so in many cases where you have read the bio of the artist that person they namedrop is not even mentioned in the book. The person probably worked with the artist. But yes what did they do? If they coordinated the tour, sure they did something important. Still it was not that important in the artist career. And that can be the case of a recorded boss or a manger also. There are so many people that are just there and don’t add really so much. They just do a job. In the old days there was a majority of mangers doing just this. The only job was to get the band on a record label. Take their part of the upfront money and then get the hell out of there.

The people I’m looking for is the ones that not present a lot of namedrops, instead tell you what they can contribute to your quest. They tell what they can get going and what they could take a try on. Not that they know the person that can do that. Where are these people?

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