Wednesday, January 31, 2018

To many control things will destroy you.

No you can't control everything! There is no chance that you can do that so if you have that urge to control everything I actually would suggest you to not work in the musicindustry. The problem that a perosn with to much need for control destrys to much to makea career.

In the end you have to deligate work to other people. There no way that Rolling Stones would have the time to go down to the areana and check ythe presets on the sound tabel or count the T-shirts or check who is getting free tickets.

There is no chance that you can control whata  jounralist writes about you or that kind of story they do. No you won't know whitch kind of program they will use to make your wav to Mp3.

You can't control that the pictures you took will be some how edited. You can't control the ugly picture dosent get traction.

Most cases there is just a sence of control. In reality there is no control and if you can't handle that you probbably should do something else.

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