Thursday, January 11, 2018

My good working artists.

So much work right now I don't have time to make another Vlog. I hope to make it up in the next weeks. At least I got out a blog post.

Right now we are doing so many things and have a release each Friday until the middle of February. And all our hard-working artists are getting in new stuff at a fast speed that we can't really keep up with all news that is going out.

A luxury problem for sure. But glad that my team of artists right now is doing very well and we have reached some kind of job feed where everything goes smooth.

I guess my tip today is to write about that it takes time before you get a good working flow with a new artist. It's always kind of rocky road when you bring in a new artist. It takes around three releases until you really know what to expect and knows everybody's different job tasks.

I think the mistake both parties do is that you have to high expectations and you assume that the other part is doing things or you wait for them to do things and in that miscommunication, you split ways. Most artists we lose is usually quite early. Sometimes we are not the right team, but I think it often has to do that it's more the communication or expectation that fails. Someone you have worked a long time with you has a bigger understanding when they don't do some things. It's you have a bigger excuse value to hold on to.

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