Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mistakes are not bad.

One of the most common comments I get when artist ask questions is, I want to do the right thing/choice. The question is understandable, still, this industry doesn't work under such rules. If it was so simple that you follow certain steps, went to certain schools you will be the new Madonna I guess I could answer that question.

It's the fear of doing mistakes. Still here Madonna did mistakes, still does mistakes. But she will get out of them. The worst mistake is thinking that you can avoid them. It's rather that you learn from them and become stronger.

There is a bunch of rules though that you always bring up to artists when they ask questions. They are good advice no doubt about that but if you follow them like a guidebook you end up halfway career. I have seen so many of these artists that end up in nothing by following the rules thinking that if you do so you get it to go somewhere. And they hide around the fact that they did everything by the book and are grumpy over other artists success with the words, it would be my turn now.

One hit wonders are usually unprepared for the success and haven't done enough mistakes to do another hit and the career falls apart. At the same time, most of these artists take a chance somewhere that pays off. I guess the golden rule is to take chances but just enough so that you can keep up with the success. And the only answer that is right, work hard.

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