Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's now, do not wait!

One of the worst things to do is to sit down and do nothing. I know that the record label doesn't want you to release things while they are preparing the next single or album. Don't hang up on that do other things. Do more gigs with your old songs.
Then if they say that you should do no gigs for some reasons (this is the silliest excuse, it is usually that they can't deliver) still you can do things like blog posts, going hard on social media, take new photos.

There are reasons why they want to wait. Some are real reasons some are just that they want to have control. But don't wait for everything there is always ways to always work your fanbase.

If you sit down through the momentum is slowed down. I know release things is the easiest way to get eyes on you. Still, you have the job before this. If a release should be successful you can't hie everything and then one day just jump out from the closet screaming it's here now. You have to work up an expectation with the audience to be able to jump out from the closet.

One warning I have to give though. You have to move all the time. It's a marathon not a 100 meters race.

In the end, it's always something to do. Sitting still and waiting is getting you nowhere.

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