Friday, January 19, 2018

Let's extinct the dinosaurs

I see the shift very close now. Specially on this high profile event. The smaller events this will never happen.

I bumped into an old guy. One I before really looked upon, a bit like a hero. I always thought he was a key to be able to break artists. Over the years I have seen thou that the names he has is more of pure luck. He is famous for old work. In reality of today he stands the same chance as an intern at our place to break something.

I always speak with me, but I guess still see me as a small player. The players he looks into are the dinosaur era.

But he try to get info from me. So he asked for a event also done by dinosaurs. In his eyes cool. Usually I would be saying nice things just to keep him happy. But you know what? It's time to extinct the dinosaurs. So told him what really was going on.

He became very pale. You could see that he relized once more he was not in the winning team. And it feels great to put these old farts on the retirement home where they belong.

An hour later a really new innovative festival came up and gave me very much credit for my work with the new development. I got a receipt that I'm totally part of the new stuff.

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