Friday, January 12, 2018

I hate phone persons!

I was discussing the other week if mail or facebook was best to contact people. And I got some answers that older people liked mail but younger people preferred Facebook. In my case, I don't care I'm equally good on both. What I really hate is when they use this to make a phone call. They are the biggest time thieves. You get a message saying "call me". And when you call them up they have a question that they could have asked in the message. For example, "how many streams did we have last year", for me to get that answer I have to get into the statistics and check. So I have to tell the person to hang up so I can log in and find that out. Much easier just asked that question and got the answer in the message.

The phone person also then demands me to call back the answer, mainly because it is a phone person. Then comes the really annoying part. Phone people always ask the second question later. So the question would be "Oh how many of these streams are from Apple". Now I have to hang up again and take on that fact. Yes, in this case, I might have the page open, but the question is usually that I have to find the information. The worst part is that the information is actually on the same page that this person would find it. They often have a login seeing the exact same things I do.

Also, they come with the saying "oh while I speak to you, on this matter bla bla" suddenly they have other questions and the whole thing become a full damn investigation and when you call back you forget half the info they wanted.

There is also another reason why I really hate phone persons. There is no evidence. You can say to a phone person several times "the streams on Apple was 50 000". Later on, when something has fucked up and the person suddenly thinks it's 1 million streams they will claim that you have told them a million streams in the phone. This is uallay just becuse they hear what they want to hear. In a message, it's pretty clear if it says 50 000 or a million. And phone people hates when you can prove such things.

So if you really want to get me pissed, just leave a message saying "call me".

The best is actually to meet in person but that includes so much practical social etiquette that is proven that meetings are not getting things done.

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