Tuesday, January 9, 2018

See it my way

Yes, this blog is really from the view of the record company and it's for artists or interested people to see why and what is going on. Also, it's because there are millions of blogs around how it is to be a struggling artist. With that, the blog becomes really polarized.

So when I will write about this topic of seeing it one way, have that in mind. I really know that what the industry says are equal offending and hurting and many times should see it the artist way.

Don't insult the people that you work with, or buy services. I had a huge laugh with one of my A&R friends. He called me up after an artist had been in contact and wanted a meeting about future plans. It's not strange that the artist wants that and totally understandable. Still, there are so many times they insult you in this process.

Of course, this record label has just done a great job for this artist and got her on top charts and millions of streams. Now she wanted to know what the future plans were. My friend asked back what kind of plans do you wanna know we are not finished working on this hit single yet.
Of course, the artist was tired of this single it has been out for two months. It still breaks new audiences so the label has been still focussing on it. She wanted a new release where they should do the really big stuff.

My friend was laughing "big stuff" what is the "big stuff". Have I not done "the big" stuff with this single. What she is saying is that we just did a small job on this single and now we are taking forward the big sledgehammer and just push it out. Why shouldn't I have done that with my first releases?

Of course the single has not hit all channels there is, you never do that. I have been in a conversation where the record has been number one on the selling chart and the artist still thinks that radio should have it in a top rotation, or they should have more big interviews on TV.

That is really a way insulting us probably know it. It's like my friend didn't have to present the stuff for TV and magazines and just focused on selling. In reality, he had nagged these people to death to expand the success. In reality, we started that even before the selling picked up speed. These people would have taken it up if they were interested. Nagging again would be just contra productive.

But releasing a  new single could be even more contra productive and kill the first one. This is a thing that the label takes decisions around, not the artist.

We know the artist I just concerned about its career and want it as fast as they can get it. But going into a locker room and yell at the team that just won a match and gave all they got, that it was not good enough you wanted more goals can be very contra productive.


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