Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The circles are to small

Right now it seems like everything are in small circles. Social media is feeding you from a very narrow audience and also let you just reach a narrow audience. And it's not easy to get into the new circles.

I just saw some nominations for awards in Sweden and you can see this affects the nominations. Some manage to reach out in many circles, the impact though varies. But most are just in one circle. In this case, you have the circle with indie people in Stockholm. All nominations are on bands in their own circle. There are so much bigger acts that have done so much more but they re not in these people circles and with social media they really not getting any new stuff getting their way. I got nominations for some of my really small releases, but these are the kind that really fits into their circle.

It's not just to be reaching the circle it's reaching it several times on different levels. Here these nominated bands are getting around in this circle several times, but not with my help, by there own social media.Still, they are so small and will never breakout outside the circle.

So to make it bigger you have to be in many circles and for that, you have to use so many people. It's like hiring five pr agencies that reach different circles all the time to get your message out.
Then if you manage to do that you will be quite established and have no worries to reach all the circles.

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