Wednesday, January 3, 2018

This is how you get a big fan base!

If you have this your career will go to the next level and you can make a living out of your music.

Yes, I have done this before. Writing a sassy headliner and it will attract musicians like flies to a cowshit. Last time the headline was Here is the secret homepage that makes your career! and I got A LOT of clicks on that one.

I guess it's natural you want that secret little inside tip that can take you to make a living off your music. The problem is that you want THE tip, just one perfect one. It's the same I see artists looking for the perfect person to work with inside the industry. Usually, they always think that person sits in an office somewhere on a big label waiting for them to appear.

The funny part is that statistics show that most of the right persons will just be smaller people working really hard. Thos people they usually just jump over.

The whole thing is that you are working with dreams and perspectives. People build up this fantasy inside their head what it should be like. This is what keeps their dream alive. Many times my job is to break down this myth that is built up in your head and try to replace it with a closer to reality, without breaking your dreams into thousand pieces.

I just figured out that this is the hardest part. Of course, if you release a new single, that single is the best in the world. You have so much confidence in that song and with the right exposure, it would be played on every radio station in the world.

To be honest, I have the same dreams when I release some of my new singles, so the artist is not alone. There is a reality though. The chances that you would get the song to all radio stations and they will play it is not a realistic goal. Actually just that a couple of stations will play it is not realistic. And it has nothing how good your song is or how good your marketing is. It just won't fit in all stations. 

When reality sets in, and you don't get a single radio station to play it you just feel like the world is shitting on you. Believe me, I'm there with you! The game you have to play is to fast pick up the pieces and do it again, and again. And in that process, it will happen. Never thought through one person or one homepage or one tip-off.

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