Monday, January 8, 2018

The first festival for the year, Folk at Heart

I was on the first festival of the year this weekend. It's called Folk at Heart (not connected with Live at Heart accept some people work on both) in Örebro. It's a bit like Folk Alliance, a folk festival in the USA. It's like small hotel rooms that bands can play and people walk around and see many bands in one night.

It primarily for folk music. But I really see the need of festivals like this. More pop bands were doing down scaled acoustic sessions in the rooms that were really cool. And I think the concept is also very good that you get more bands playing in small capacity venues (hotel room in this case). Then it's easier to get get the room filled, and you have to be creative to get things to work. I was impressed with many acts of the creativity fo using such a small space and doing a hell of a show. We need more of this for sure.

Here is Osten af and Dimpker Brothers who combined acoustic stuff with Hip Hop, amazing.

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