Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I'm out again traveling. Now I'm on a train from Amsterdam to Groningen in the Neatherlands. With my job you travel all the time and I'm amazed that everything really works out.

I know people that has travel fever for weeks before a trip. Even if it is with a travel company in a group. The one thing there they transport you around like cattle and won't let you do any mistakes. Still they need to know everything. Small things that in the end will solve by it self. For example how to find the bus from the airport. Sometimes it's so severe that they really want a map for just that.

It's a bit the same when you develop artists. First time you send them to a gig abroad they need to know everything. Of course this is the first time and you are nervous.

This time I'm out with the Magnettes. And they are really experienced. They know most things will be solved and they know how to solve an issue.

There are people that always has that travel fear and never evolves. The ones that loves the stage but hate the travel.

Right now I find the travel and meetings really exciting. I guess I have the best job in the world.

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