Thursday, February 1, 2018

Don't promise to much!

I just got some emails from band applying for different things and what is common with them, they promise to much.

One is comparing with the most successful band in Sweden the last 20 years. A bit humble that they are at least equal to this band. Sure I understand that they take some shortcuts in this case. Still, you promise too much. Now I'm expecting that you are at this stage as the big band, and I know that you are not. And I will start to compare and find out the lousy sides instead of the good ones.

It's no point to write that you are the best band in the world since you are not. Same with that they describe their live show like a good energy with exceptional good lyrics and a unique sound. If you claim such things you need to have that. In this case, there is no proof what so ever. Okay if send along live video clips where I can see the energy, I'm fine. Right now the problem is when they talk about an energy-filled show it might stand up to my criteria since I have seen quite many shows and have very high expectations. same with great lyrics. I just heard one song, and no the lyrics are mediocre. Sure when you created something you have these big thoughts, but let other people say these words.Unique sound, oh if I got a dollar for every time I hear that phrase I would have stopped working and bought my self an island and sitting on the beach doing nothing. And like, in this case, the sound is very mediocre.

Is this a problem with just DIY or "demo" bands. Hell no, I'm sitting with a catalog from a big booking company in Sweden. One of their bands I know pretty well and I consider them quite crappy and really has done nothing. In the catalog, it says that they have been "seen" in different big newspapers and tv stations in Sweden. The thing I that I know that since I'm the one who placed them there and they were just mentioned as one out of 10 bands that were going to a showcase festival. Of course, they are not lying, but they write it as they had full coverage around it which was not true. Same with some other things where I know they got coverage since they are close friends with the editor of that newspaper. This is the thing of the music industry you blow things up. But you have to think twice before you really do it, and how you do it.

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