Friday, February 16, 2018

Really! I should help you?

Lately, I have got so many emails from industry people that think I will help their acts to get into showcase festivals or help them out on showcase festivals they are booked on. Of course, they think I should do it for free and just as a favor since we know each other on facebook.

You know what, I use to do that and it never leads to anything. I still do that but I expect that you are are getting me something more, yes I need a return favor or payment in the deal. Not that I will get it later or something, I need it right now.

And most of these people have no clue what is out there or have the knowledge to help me back. I have just taken off my two board positions jobs since the labels and industry people of Sweden are so behind and really doesn't give me anything. I have built up an international network for twenty years and I won't give that for free to a Swedish nobody that could destroy it in minutes by doing the wrong mistakes.

I have said it a couple of times that I would stop helping the export situation in Sweden, and now I'm finally at the gate where I leave these behind and just go on my international network. The ones I keep are the ones that give something back and help me out with other tasks. The rest you are on your own until you have some currency to trade with.

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