Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Seminars that tells you nothing.

I have been on quite many seminars about really nothing. Right now is the big trend to tell me things around social media that I can't do. It's always from some social media company telling you tips and tricks that you can do on social media.

The first they start with is to show you what Beyoncé did on her last campaign. No shit sherlock can you do that, what is the price tag? Of course with the budgets, we have for our artists there's just starting out the things Beyonce do is not even in our reach.

Sure many things are quite simple. The thing is there are some lectures that talks about the easy nice things you can do almost for free or a little budget. Then you have the ones that talks like getting your own damn filter on snapchat are something a small band even could do.

The funniest things are it never fails when I look up these companies own social media numbers they are often much lower than my own blog. I guess next time I would demand to get Beyonce there to tell me the things she has done. It seems like a bit of the same chance that it will happen then I will learn from this.

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