Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It takes years to build network!

I don't know how many new people that want to get in the industry every year. I would guess 5% is still there after 5 years. Many end up on some service function in the office many go out to never be seen again.

The mistake they do is to count in that it goes fast. I have now worked 30 years in the industry. That is my whole adult life. It has been up and downs. The most important change of network.

It's the network these new ones miscalculate or the time to get them. My first network took 10 years to build up. Today very few are still around. Since the network built on physical sales and distribution, they were wiped out around the year 2002.

Then I build a new network, quite Indie also a lot of testing and new innovations. And that took 10 years. And to be honest most of them are also gone now.

I'm in my next 10 year round. I don't know who will be around in this new wipe out. The few people that been around all periods are surviving. But they are around 10% of the network of today.
For example, the students that come out think wow I got an education and know how the basics work and I had an internship at a music company is a safe ground. No, you have to do the first 10 years then a wipeout (wipeout is technical changes that happen every 10 years). Then you start to be something.

Many calculate that this goes faster. But there is no way. You have to do certain errors to learn to calculate the situation. You also have to adapt, sitting on one post won't do anything.

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