Friday, February 2, 2018

50 000 views

It is a milestone I guess. At least for me. Getting 50 000 views in shorter of 3 years. It started as a experiment to show that you can build a blogg as an artist. My blog is much smaller in topic but it has readers. For an artist it should be easier. I like though what I have achieved. The posts has it own life. I start with on subject and end up in something totally different.

I have done quite many experiments over the two years but get a hang of some of the stuff now.

This is written on the runway for my airplane to lift off to the MENT conference in Slovenia. A new adventure, new friends and more network. I also just got the news that I was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine. Always something new and I hope you follow me to my next goal of 100 000 views.

PS don't miss Adée new single "Wasted on you" out today on Spotify.

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