Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Use the critism!

I have seen several managers write about this on Facebook several times so I guess it's kind of usual. You get in an artist that sends you music and wants your help and ask for your thoughts and criticism.

Just that is kind of rude. I mean you just sent me music out of the blue and want me to listen to it and then afterward also put in some free work to give back to you about my knowledge. You know what, I'm actually such a decent an nice person that I would do that. Yes, it will be around 40 minutes of free work, but yes you sent your music I will try to be nice back.

So I listen to the music that is just average pop that has no soul and nothing that attracts me. When I write back I actually tell you that you have to work on your songwriting and also on your social media since I looked on that at the same time when I was listing.

Here you go ballistic and tells me that the song is not average. It's really good. And your Instagram is actually kind of pimped.

If you ask for criticism take that one, don't trust to argue or try to convince me that you are right. Sure my opinion is just an opinion, still it's important enough for you to send me your music. I answer that back.

Then it comes, what should I do to make it better?

Hey wait here I'm not your employed manager. I really can't spend more free time on a project I don't like and really has nothing to do with. I just hate this kind of favors. Worse I just had this conversation with one of Swedens biggest publishers. Taking criticism is part of the damn fucking job don't argue with it.

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