Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The wrong answer!

A bit of a continue on yesterdays blog post. I give someone an advice. You really have a conversation about it for at least an hour. Let's take an example.

A band that I work with comes up with the brilliant idea that they should dress up in monkey suits on stage. Funny thing but I have a hard time seeing that they can perform these deep songs about the political landscape of today in monkey suits. Also, the heat of the lamp and the movement on stage would make these suits almost impossible to have on stage. Just the smell inside them after three tour dates would make this a really bad idea. And how hard is it to play the instruments locked in a gorilla suit? After an hour killing this idea and smash it to pieces I think the artist has got that this is not a good idea at all.

Then two days later the artist comes back and had a meeting with the rest of the band and they think it's a really good idea anyway. Of course, they see my insights but they can live with that they smell like apeshit after three gigs. And the songs might stuck anyway with the audience. So they ask you what you think about the idea.

You are back to square one. It's not a game to prove anything. It's still a bad idea. What should I say? I just give the same reasons once more. If you ask for advice use the feedback, don't try to over prove me. If you want to do a stupid mistake, go ahead be my guest.

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