Thursday, March 1, 2018

The next step! Mc Donalds style!

I think this has been on the blog before. But I can take it again since it always comes up. Most artists (and people around) seems to think the music industry works like a job ladder. No this is not Mc Donalds where you start on the floor as a cashier and then move up to make burgers than to be a team leader, then somewhere in the line, you might get to be a restaurant chef.

In these situations you can always call on that you have done certain hours and that is your turn etc. In the music industry, it never works like that. If we take it in the Mc Donalds style. We would count the money. Yes, you would be upgraded not to your hours instead of many burgers you sold. And when we needed a new team leader then we would just go out and hire a new person.

Here it is no marks or goal you can set up in that kind of way. You have to be darn good and then things come along. It's not about time or how many streams you have what will take you forward. Is how many burgers you sell, or in this case how many fans you get.

I see so many bands comparing themselves to other bands. We started the same time as they did, we should also play on that big festival. We have this many streams we should be on TV not them they have much fewer streams. This is the utopia the industry wants to build. Still, music is the ears of the beholder and it can't really be done. The only thing that matters here is hard work, you can only compete with yourself.

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