Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Update sxsw 2018

And I wait for my Uber to take me to the airport. It has been a good SXSW. A lot of business and good stuff. Of course some of the usual problems with backline and visa but nothing that was not solved.

My reflection tough is that SXSW this year was a bit calmer. In my mind it's better you get more chance for networking and don't have to wait in ridiculous lines. Still, I can see that the competition from many new festivals takes its toll.

Also how the festival has spread out. 6th street has become a giant hip hop scene where the rappers stand on the street rapping the same song for 4 days. Don't get me wrong it's not that it sounds the same, they do the same song since it's so many people passing.

The rap scene has then taken over the east side of 6th. The export people and brands have moved to Reiny street and are in the shadows of the new skyscrapers.

South Congress has spread out and far far away is the folk and country.

The hard rock is nowhere to be found. I managed to find a stoner fest in the north far away from it all where old guys with no hair but a lot of beards were doing "Iron Man " in different versions.

Still, it is the largest one and you do things here. They have to change to keep that momentum.

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