Monday, March 19, 2018

Don't worry about things that won't happen.

I had the funniest conversation. A person that runs a management contacted me on Facebook. Okay saying that it is a management is maybe too much. It's totally new and I have never heard of it or any of the bands. Well, they just wanted to ask a question so I answered to ask the question.

They asked if we took submission on our label. Kind of stupid question since if you go to the home page there is big section how to send music. If you don't bother to do the simplest research you look kind of stupid.

After sending the link I got another message:
-I just sent the song to you, when do I get an answer?

I wrote back that it might take a couple of weeks and that we will be in touch if it's something. Then came:
- Ok, I really don't know what the label has done. Maybe you are not the right label. We are not accepting a deal over 50%.

There are no worries. Right here I know there's no point of listening to it. We won't get deals with people really don't know what they are doing. So worry that we will offer you a bad contract is just not worth it.

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